odoo import

odoo import – the most important in English

odoo import – is the new online-service-platform, which is developed for data import in odoo. This application was made for customers, who are working with odoo or implementation partners, which want to import customer data in odoo. odoo import is compatible with every odoo version.
The import of data in odoo can take a lot of time. Therefore we offer an online-application, which helps you manage the import without any difficulties.  


odoo Import: odoo-import.com
giordano.ch: giordano.ch
odoo Software: odoo-software.com

odoo import is also interesting in connection with our new SaaS-Productive System of odoo V8.

The functions are:

  • Connection to the database of the import-system
  • Importing the source data (.csv) from another system
  • Configuration of the import with database-mapping
  • Configuration of the helper-files (data structure)
  • Testing / saving the whole configuration
  • Import

Possible applications:

  • Data import from other systems
  • Data import from other odoo applications
  • One-time import of customer-, supplierdata, products etc. incl. all relations
  • Recurring import of updated data such as price lists of suppliers, catalog data etc.
It is possible to import relationship structured data and proof data consistency within a logfile reporting. Whenever relational datastructure is given, odoo-import ist the best solution, because with odoo import it is no problem to configurate the right helper for the mapping. 

Beside the basic import functionality, odoo import comes also with the advantage of using cronjobs. Recurrent imports can be set based on a existing import configuration.

Main features and advantages

  1. time saving – once you configured your import, testing is very efficient
  2. analyse testimport with logfile – adjust mapping and helper
  3. economy of changemanagement – import several and changed data from source with same configuration
  4. recurring imports with cronjob

How does odoo-import operate?
odoo-import is structured into three main parts: 

  1. connections: the configuration of connections
  2. import: the configuration of the database mapping and helper
  3. cronjob: recurring imports

odoo-import is a trusted application

  1. the source .csv data file is not stored at all ant it remains in the source folder of the  foreign system
  2. odoo-import reads data from the .csv file without storing them
  3. during the import, odoo-import verifies the data bevore it writes them directly into the target model of the odoo database – so data consistent is assured
  4. passwords do not have to be saved (but can be saved)

For more information please visit: odoo-import.com